First Step EP

by Beeswax

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released November 16, 2014



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Beeswax Malang, Republic of Indonesia

Beeswax is an alternative/emo/rock band based in Malang, Indonesia.

The band consists of:
Bagas [vocal/guitar]
Iyok [vocal/guitar]
Putra [vocal/bass]
Yayan [drums]

081 333 22 6556
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Track Name: Disappear
What is the best for everyone
is to be forgotten
There's no pain left to appear
Everything's just fine

But you need to disappear
be anchor first
You have to keep yourself breathing
but I guess it hurts

I guess it hurts...
Track Name: Fix
This was the first time I saw you
through the eye of the heart
My mind still never forget
what was captured

Now I know that you're gone just like everything
Get me back to the whole live that I can't hide it
Give me chance to fix it, to fix everything
Everything that just broken and need to be fixed

Can I just see everything?
Take me down to the ground
I just need to be someone
that you want to be with
Track Name: Hide Away
I'm counting down
to catch you out there
Hoping to recognize me
still in wonder
How good it could be
I'll see you someday

It's better to find out
a clue that you give
The scars that you've made
It's just a gift to hide away

A bag behind me
to keep every memories
That's the only thing we have
I lose my head
and nothing left inside
I will find it someday
Track Name: Stuck
I have no time
to think about it
Every single rhyme,
everything I need

Should I run and go
with everything I have
I really don't know how
but I have to leave

This is my place
that fit to me
I don't need more space,
this is where I have to be
Track Name: The Bridge of The Emptyness
The bridge of the emptyness
with all of the silence
When everyone cross it
they just through the darkness

You may not be believe it,
but I will convince you
I'm affraid to face it
I need to be with you

This is just you and me,
no one else and no one care
You just need to believe
and everything will be fine
Track Name: The Day After This
Spinning around the ocean
I got an ancient piece of human
just another reason or statement
I wonder what is buried
or I just try to admit
that I'm affraid

Forget me now
Nothing left anymore

That's just another day of our life
I convince to myself that nothing happen after this
believe it or not
exactly you'll face it too

If I can comeback alive
I'll tell you what happen there
So, you can bring everything that you need

Now, we only need to survive
do whatever you want
"Just be yourself"
That's the best suggestion that I can give

Someday I will face it
Someday you will face it
Someday they will face it
and someday we will face it....